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Specialising in Yakitori (Grilled chicken skewers), Torimatsu provides a range of chicken choices but also offers an Izakay- style menu of seafood and sides. For the adventurous, they also make horse tongue sashimi, gizzards and even ostrich sashimi.

Telephone: 0136 23 2893
Address: 1 Chome Kita 3 Jo Nishi, Kutchan 044-0053
Style: Japanese Izakaya
Location: Kutchan Town
English Speaking: No
English Menu: Yes
Credit Card Accepted: No
Vegetarian Options: Yes

Open: Year round
17:30-24:00 (Last order 23:30)

NOTE: Torimatsu is not located within the village and will require either a car or taxi to Kutchan town.

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