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Kumo Restaurant Breakfast Buffet

Begin your day with locally-sourced, hand-picked ingredients from the Niseko region

With unobstructed views of Mt. Yotei through the restaurant's floor to ceiling windows, experience a diverse Japanese and Western fusion buffet breakfast featuring over 70 unique items daily.

Indulge in a wide array of fresh, vibrant fruits and seasonal vegetables, alongside Western favorites such as omelets, breads, and pastries. Enjoy hot soups and Hokkaido specialties including zangi, showcasing the region’s finest ingredients.

Savor Hokkaido’s bounty from the mountains and seas with our complimentary breakfast, included with your stay.

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Specialty coffee from Miyanomori Alchemist Coffee

Owner, Mr. Kawahara, expertly roasts specialty coffee beans in Sapporo, aiming to create "coffee that refreshes the soul." Kumo restaurant exclusively uses Mr. Kawahara's Indonesian Mandarin Porun Alfina beans, renowned for their rich, deep-roasted profile and exotic flavor that evoke the essence of Hokkaido.

Savor a superb morning coffee, an integral part of our delightful breakfast experience.

A daily selection of fresh bread

We present a diverse range of daily specialties, featuring homemade breads crafted by our skilled artisans. From classic croissants to campagne, raspberry, and beyond, each bread is meticulously baked in our kitchen using predominantly Hokkaido-sourced ingredients like wheat, milk, and butter. Our commitment to quality means minimal use of additives, ensuring a wholesome and flavorful experience.

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Fresh fruit and seasonal vegetables mean you start the day the right way.

From the base of Mt. Yotei, enjoy freshly harvested vegetables from family-owned Mino Farm

Located in Makkari Village, alongside Yotei, Kutchan Town, Niseko Town, Kyogoku Town, Kimobetsu Town, Makari Village, and Rankoshi Town, Mino Farm all form a vibrant agricultural region, cultivating a diverse range of vegetables throughout the green season. Benefiting from unique natural conditions including temperature variations, pristine water from Mt. Yotei, volcanic soil, and abundant snowfall, this area produces vegetables that thrive uniquely in this environment.

Ishikawa Chicken Farm, Kutchan Town

Supporting local agriculture with a focus on local consumption, Ishikawa Farm produces fresh, premium eggs nurtured in the pristine spring water of Mt. Yotei and the clean air of Hokkaido. Ideal for any culinary preparation, their chickens are carefully fed a high-quality diet close to nature, including chicken feed and corn, ensuring a safe and reliable egg production process.

Japanese style omelette. Equally delicious and photogenic.

Nanatsuboshi rice from Sakano Farm in Rankoshi

Nanatsuoboshi rice hails from Rankoshi Town, renowned for its rice cultivation in the Shiribeshi area. At Kumo Restaurant, we meticulously refine our rice polishing techniques to serve perfectly cooked rice. Fed by pristine waters from the Shiribetsu River, sourced from the melting snow of Mt. Yotei, Sakano Farm's rice gains a distinctive, delicious flavor. Stored in its husk to preserve freshness, we deliver this exceptional rice to your table for an unparalleled dining experience.

*Certain breakfast items and sparkling wine may not be available on select days. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

Breakfast Set

Depending on the number of guests, we may transition from a full buffet style to either a half buffet style or a "breakfast set" style featuring a selection of Japanese and Western dishes meticulously crafted by our chefs.

Breakfast Set

Breakfast service hours

Breakfast hours: 07:00-10:00

*Only available for hotel guests.

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