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Terms & Conditions

Winter bookings Check-In between 1 December and 31 March. Summer bookings Check-In between 1 April and 30 November.

Skye Niseko's Terms and Conditions apply to bookings made directly with Skye Niseko; bookings received from a 3rd party (Online Travel Agent or Travel Agency/Wholesaler) must follow the booking terms outlined on the 3rd party reservation.

Terms and Conditions last updated 25 February 2021.

1. Booking

1.1. A Booking is not confirmed until we have received your Deposit payment and a written Confirmation is issued by us.

1.2. All offers, prices, terms and conditions are subject to change or withdrawal without notice prior to a Confirmation being issued.

1.3. The Booking details are as per the Confirmation, errors and omissions excepted.

1.4. Descriptions and details of our services are subject to change at any time.

1.5. The Booking Total specified on the Confirmation is determined by both the number and ages of the guests noted on the Confirmation. Any change to the number of and/or the ages of guests may change the Booking Total amount.

2. Prices

2.1. All prices are in Japanese Yen and are inclusive of a 10% Japanese consumption tax, onsen tax and 2% accommodation tax (where applicable). There are no additional Resort or Service charges.

3. Deposit

3.1. Payment of the Deposit is needed before a Booking can be confirmed.

3.2. The following applies to Winter Bookings, defined as checking-in between 1 December and 31 March :

3.2.1. If the Confirmation date is more than 60 days before Check-In the Deposit is 20% of the Accommodation Rate (before any discounts).

3.2.2. If the Confirmation date is 60 days or less before Check-In the Deposit is 100% of the Booking Total and is not refundable.

3.3. The following applies to Summer Bookings, defined as checking-in between 1 April and 30 November:

3.3.1. If the booking is for 1-2 nights: 100% of the accommodation total is due upon Check-In.

3.3.2. If the booking is for 3 nights or more: If the Confirmation date is more than 7 days before Check-In, the Deposit is 20% of the Accommodation Rate (before any discounts). If the Confirmation date is 7 days or less before Check-In the Deposit is 100% of the Booking Total.

4. Payment

4.1. The following applies to Winter Bookings, defined as checking-in between 1 December and 31 March:

4.1.1. The Balance of the Booking Total is required no later than 60 days prior to Check-In.

4.2. The following applies to Summer Bookings, defined as checking-in between 1 April and 30 November:

4.2.1. The Balance of the Booking Total is required upon check-in for bookings of 1-2 nights.

4.2.2. For bookings of 3 nights or more, the Balance of the Booking Total is required no later than 7 days prior to Check-In.

4.3. It is not possible to split payment for the Deposit or balance between multiple credit cards.

4.4. All payments must be by credit card in Japanese Yen.

4.5. Where the currency of your credit card is not Japanese Yen:

4.5.1. All foreign exchange rate calculations and charges are your responsibility.

4.5.2. There may be differences between the date of your credit card payment, the date the charges appear on your credit card statement, and the date on which the currency calculation is made.

4.5.3. Where we cancel, void or refund a payment to your credit card in JPY, there will be changes in the refund amount due to foreign currency exchange rates and fees and charges of your bank or credit card company; any differences are your responsibility.

5. Cancellation

5.1. A change in the any of the following is considered a Cancellation of the entire existing Booking, with relevant cancellation charges, and a Re-booking (subject to availability) with the new requirements:

5.1.1. The Room Category; or

5.1.2. The Check-In date;

5.1.3. The Check-Out date.

5.2. The following applies to Winter Bookings, defined as checking-in between 1 December and 31 March:

5.2.1. Cancellation within 7 days of Payment but more than 60 days before Check-In: JPY10,000 administration charge; you authorize us to charge the Credit Card which you used to pay the Deposit.

5.2.2. Cancellation after 7 days of Payment but more than 60 days before Check-In: full Deposit is forfeit; i.e. nil refund of Deposit.

5.2.3. Cancellation 60 days or less before Check-In: 100% of the Booking Total; i.e. full amount is due and payable.

5.2.4. Credit values transferred from other bookings are non-refundable.

5.2.5. Where the Winter 2021/22 Fully Flexible Booking Terms apply, those terms take precedence over items 5.2.1 and 5.2.2 above.

5.3. Summer Bookings, defined as Check-In between 1 April and 30 November:

5.3.1. Cancellation more than 7 days before Check-In: Full refund.

5.3.2. Cancellation between 2 and 7 days before Check-In: 50% of Booking Total.

5.3.3. Cancellation 1 day or less before Check-In: 100% of the Booking Total.

5.4. Any refund due to you will be paid via a bank transfer. All transfer fees and exchange rates losses are payable by you and will be deducted from the refunded balance.

5.5 Cancellation requests must be submitted and reviewed in writing (by email); verbal agreements are not an acceptable form of cancellation. Until you have received a written confirmation of cancellation from our Reservations Team, bookings should be treated as active according to the booking terms.

6. Hotel Services

6.1. The Hotel has a range of facilities and services available for guests including:

Included with your Booking for no extra charge:

  • Front Desk: 24 hours daily.
  • Concierge: available daily (hours vary with season).
  • Lobby Lounge: 24 hours daily.
  • Ski Valet (winter season only).
  • Village Shuttle: no booking required (operations vary with season).
  • Shared Onsen (Men’s and Women’s): hours vary with season.
  • Private Onsen (for couples and young families): booking required (Bookings can be made via email after the hotel reservation is confirmed. Please note that we limit to 1 booking pre-arrival and guests can make further bookings after using the private onsen each time.), hours vary with season.

Additional charges apply:

  • Café Bar.
  • Restaurant (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner): Dinner bookings required.
  • Massage/Spa: bookings required.
  • Equipment Rental: bookings recommended.
  • Shop/Retail Services.
  • Parking - booking required; fees apply.

7. Resort Services

7.1. We can provide services and products (Resort Services) which may be attached to a Booking including Lift Tickets, Airport Transfers, Equipment Hire, Ski/Snowboard Lessons, Mountain Guiding, Food Packages and other Tours & Activities.

7.2. Payment for Resort Services is required no later than 7 days prior to Check-In.

7.3. Transfers: You must advise us in writing at least 14 days prior to Check-In of your flight details for both arrival and departure from Hokkaido. Without this information we are not able to organize and deliver any Airport Transfers you have booked with us.

8. Cancellation of Resort Services Items

8.1. A cancellation is any change to a Resort Service Item which is not an upgrade or the addition of a new Item.

8.2. Where you cancel a Resort Service Item the following applies:

8.2.1. Cancellation 14 days or less prior to Check-In – 100% of the price of the Resort Service Item, UNLESS otherwise stated in the terms for that Resort Service Item on our website or the Confirmation.

8.2.2. Any amount to be refunded from cancelled Resort Service Items will be held as a credit on your account with us to be applied to other services, or refunded in cash, during your stay.

8.2.3. Where refund due cannot be refunded to you in cash during your stay that refund will be paid via a bank transfer, with all transfer fees and exchange rates losses payable by you.

9. Amendments to Accommodation & Resort Services

9.1. An Amendment is any change to names, adding extra people to your Booking, upgrading of Packaged Items or any change to Resort Service Items.

9.2. Amendments after Payment incur an administration fee of JPY20,000 per change – this does not apply to new Resort Service Items added to your Confirmation.

10. Changes to Travel Dates and Times, Unused and Rescheduled Services

10.1. Where you do not use Resort Services that you have purchased and booked with us we cannot offer any refund in whole or part.

10.2. If your arrival or departure time or date changes due to delayed or cancelled flights or any other reason you will need to claim any loss or extra fees incurred on your travel insurance.

10.3. If your arrival or departure time or date changes due to delayed or cancelled flights or any other reason any Resort Service Items you have purchased may not be able to be rescheduled and you may have to repurchase services for the rescheduled time AND there may be delays in supplying a rescheduled service, or alternative service.

10.4. You must make all requests for changes in writing and where we are able to accommodate your requested change our written Confirmation will be sent. Verbal instructions or confirmation cannot be accepted or honoured without written confirmation.

11. Accommodation, Extra Person Charge and Additional Items

11.1. We reserve the right to substitute or upgrade accommodation with accommodation to a comparable standard and type. If we are unable to provide accommodation of a comparable standard under the aforementioned circumstances, we shall refund the Deposit or full payment amount without any deduction. Standard of accommodation is as determined by us.

11.2. The maximum number of guests per accommodation may not be exceeded. The maximum allowable number of guests is visible on your Confirmation documentation or on our website but is normally 2 guests per bedroom.

11.3. In 1 bedroom suites, the standard number of guests is 2, but the maximum number of guests is 3.

11.4. An extra person fee of JPY10,000 per person per night applies to any Booking over the standard number of guests. Extra guests will be accommodated on a Murphy bed (where available) or Japanese futon. Cots (cribs) and highchairs are free and can be requested at time of Booking and are subject to availability. Extra bed requests must be made before arrival.

11.5. One infant in excess of the maximum number of guests is acceptable.

11.6. An infant is aged 0 to 6 years old.

11.7. Children aged 7 to 15 years count as an occupant, but do not incur the extra person charge.

11.8. No part of the accommodation or stay may be sublet to a third party without the written approval of Skye Niseko. All persons staying in the accommodation must be recorded on the booking and must abide by these terms and conditions.

12. Damage to Property, Fixtures and Fittings and Security Deposit

12.1. You accept responsibility for damage to the room or hotel common areas, fittings, furniture, keys and other chattels caused during your stay, including any consequential losses incurred.

12.2. Damage to wooden floors is a common issue, usually caused by wearing snow spikes inside the room. The full cost of repair for any damage to the flooring caused during your stay will be charged to you. There is a minimum charge of JPY50,000. Please understand that in the larger rooms the cost of repairing damaged flooring can exceed JPY2,000,000.

12.3. A valid Credit Card is required as a Security Deposit and you authorise us to charge all fees and charges properly chargeable under this agreement to that Credit Card.

12.4. Your personal possessions, including lift passes and hire equipment supplied by us, are at your own risk during your stay.

13. Check-In/Out

13.1. Rooms are available for occupation from 3pm. (However, in the case where you inform us of a later arrival time the room may be prepared just prior to that time. Therefore, please ensure to provide up to date arrival times for all guests staying in the room.)

13.2. The room must be vacated by 11am.

13.3. Where the room is not vacated by the Check-Out time, a charge of JPY 10,000 for each hour or part thereof that the room is occupied past the Check-Out time will be charged to you.

13.4. We reserve the right to enforce vacation of the room any time after the Check-Out time.

13.5. A credit card Security Deposit will be required at Check-In for ALL rooms – you cannot Check-In to the room until we have credit card details and authorisation for use as a Security Deposit.

13.6. Japanese Law requires that we obtain all Guests’ full names, nationalities, passport numbers, postal addresses and occupations at Check-In.

13.7. The Lobby Lounge, Café/Bar, luggage store, Onsen, Spa and Shuttle are available for use:
- on the Check-In date prior to the Check-In time, and
- on the Check-Out date, after the Check-Out time.

14. Housekeeping

14.1. The room will be clean and tidy on Check-In, beds will be made with fresh linen and bath towels will be supplied.

14.2. At Check-In complimentary tea, coffee, sugar, body soap,hand soap, conditioning shampoo, dishwasher powder, samue (Japanese pyjamas) tissues and cleaning products will be provided.

14.3. Housekeeping during the stay as follows:

14.3.1. Daily: cleaning, amenities restocked, fresh towels provided, beds made.

14.3.2. Fresh bed linen once every 3 days for stays 4 nights or longer.

14.4. Most rooms can be set up as twin or double – the beds will be arranged in the double bedding configuration unless advised differently by you.

15. Pets

15.1. No pets are allowed at the hotel, either inside, outside or remaining in vehicles parked at the hotel.

16. Parking

16.1. We do not recommend Guests to bring their own vehicle in winter months.

16.2. Parking during winter months is severely restricted and must be requested and confirmed for each booking if required. Charges apply and overnight public parking is not located nearby. Guests who intend to bring a vehicle must confirm availability of parking with us at the time of booking.

16.3. Parking on the street is illegal and your car may be towed.

16.4. Parking is not included in the booking rate; additional fees are to be included once parking availability has been confirmed and the extra service has been added to your reservation.

17. Non-smoking

17.1. All rooms are non-smoking. All hotel common areas are non-smoking unless otherwise designated.

17.2. If guests smoke in the hotel and continue to smoke after being requested to stop we may evict the group or any individual from the hotel without any refund.

17.3. If anyone in the group has smoked in the properties, they will be charged additional cleaning costs at minimum 1 night's full accommodation rate AND costs incurred in compensating later guests who are affected by the smell of smoking or the owner of the room for bookings that need to be relocated to a different accommodation.

18. Travel Insurance and Liability

18.1. Skye Niseko operates wholly in Japan and the law of Japan applies to all services provided. Where services are provided by agents and principals the Bookings are made subject to the terms and conditions of the agent or principal.

18.2. Subject to Japanese Law, Skye Niseko, our agents and principals are not liable for any loss, damage, delay, consequential loss, injury or death resulting from any act, alteration or omission by HTM K.K., our agents or principals, any third party, act of god or other circumstances.

18.3. We require you protect yourself and your travelling companions against all risks of travel, including the possibility of having to cancel a holiday or alter travel dates, with appropriate Travel Insurance which you take out when you pay the Deposit.

18.4. We do not offer any travel insurance included in the accommodation rate; insurance cover must be purchased separately by yourself. We do not take any responsibility if the procured insurance policy does not cover your cancellation circumstance.

You accept these terms and conditions in full when you pay your Deposit.

Payments Involving The Use Of Credit Cards & Disclosures Required Under the Specified Commercial Transactions Act in Japan

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