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Restaurants around Skye Niseko

Please note that restaurant business conditions are subject to change depending on each restaurant's situation. Please contact each restaurant directly for more information or to make reservations. Please note that this winter, we can only assist with reservations at Kumo Restaurant and not any other restaurants.

Restaurant Name Cuisine Distance from Skye Niseko Notes
Bang Bang Izakaya 400m Reservation Started
Abucha Izakaya 550m Reservation Started
Kitchen Fusion 700m (In Chatrium) Reservation Started
Kamimura French 700m (In Chatrium) Reservation Started
Sanroku Jingisukan Yakiniku 550m Reservation Started
Crab Dining Kanon Hot Pot 650m Reservation Started
Hirafu Seinikuten Yakiniku 650m Reservation Started
Haku Steak Grill 170m(In HAKU VILLAS) Reservation Started
Japanese Kitchen REN Izakaya 800m Reservation Started
The Barn by Odin Bistro 850m Reservation Started
Ryunabe Hot Pot 750m Reservation Started
Kumo Restaurant Izakaya 500m(In Skye Niseko) 
Akaru Izakaya 600m(In Yamashizen) Reservation Started
méli mélo -Yuki No Koe- French / Italian 600m(In Setsu Niseko)
Hirafuzaka Izakaya 300m(In Chalet Ivy) Walk-in only
Tozanken Ramen 500m Walk-in only
AFURI Ramen 600m(In Setsu Niseko) Walk-in only
Niseko SAKURA Shabu Shabu 700m Coming soon
Niseko Naniwatei Japanese Cuisine with Hokkaido Seafood 1,000m(In Intuition) Coming soon
Sushi Shin Sushi 250m(In Sansui Niseko) Coming soon

We recommend making a taxi reservation in advance if you book a restaurant that is not within walking distance. Due to the shortage of taxis in the Niseko area, it may be difficult to arrange. Taxi reservations in the Hirafu area have not been started yet for the coming winter.

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