Welcome Food & Beverage Packs

Would you like to arrive to your room to find it stocked with cooking supplies, foodstuff or Hokkaido-sourced snacks? We've got you covered.

Breakfast Pack

Skye Lucky Produce Bags Low Res 80

Breakfast Pack includes: milk, Takahashi farm drinking yogurt, 6 eggs, butter, apple juice, peach juice, 2 organic jam, bananas, 4 apples, bread, bacon, cereal.

Lunch Pack

Skye Lucky Produce Bags Low Res 77

Lunch Pack includes: 6 eggs, 3 packs of rice, curry sauce, furikake (dry Japanese seasoning), Shijimi miso soup, pasta, 2 packets of pasta sauce, 2 packets of miso ramen.

Snack Pack

Skye Lucky Produce Bags Low Res 81

Snack Pack includes: prawn crackers, lamb jerky, mixed nuts, chocolate, cheese, smoked cheese, crisps, crackers.

Food pack orders accepted up to 4 days prior to delivery date. For orders less than 4 days, delivery may be delayed. Contents may be subject to change depending on availability. Specific items listed may be substituted with similar items.

Grocery PacksPrice
Breakfast Pack ¥6,600
Lunch Pack¥4,300
Snack Pack ¥4,900
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