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Wine & Champagne Delivery Service

Celebrating an occasion? Pre-order champagne or wine and have it waiting in your accommodation, ready when you arrive.


Claude cazals gold card champagne grand cru
Claude Cazals Carte Or Champagne Grand Cru ¥10,000

White wines

Fengrove Riesling
Ferngrove Cossack Riesling, Australia, 2009 ¥4,950
West Cape Howes Styx Chardonnay, Australia, 2018 ¥4,620

Orders must be made 2 days in advance.

Red Wines

Ferngrove20 Frankland20 River20 Shiraz202019
Forester Cabernet Sauvignon, SE Australia 2016 ¥4,620
Ferngrove Black Label Shiraz 2018 ¥3,260 
West Cape Howe, Tempranillo, Western Australia 2017 ¥2,900 

Orders must be made 2 days in advance.

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