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Light Up The Night

Night skiing is an experience not to be missed, and is available in Niseko from Tuesday December 11th until Wednesday March 20th.

We've compiled a list of 5 reasons why you simply must give it a go.

1. More Space to Carve It Up

Night skiing

Avoid the daytime peak-hours and ski at night time to avoid the crowds. Most skiers and boarders ride during daylight hours, so after sundown the rush is not for Niseko's chairlifts, but its restaurants, bars and onsens. This leaves plenty of piste for new skiers to safely practice and for experienced skiers to shred.

2. Visibility Is Great

With a huge amount of powerful floodlights, visibility during night skiing is rarely an issue. In fact, some people find it easier to see at night than they do during the bright white of the day.

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3. Make The Most Of The Day

Skiing at night gives you the chance to dedicate your day to other adventures and activities in Niseko. Restaurants which might be full for dinner may have lunch time space, and you'll find the local onsens open and less-crowded.

4. Night Skiing in Niseko is as Good as it Gets

With the largest floodlit skiing area in Japan and the most famous deep powder snow in the world, it's hard to think of anywhere more exhilarating than Niseko to experience night skiing for the first time. Don't miss out, you'll only regret it!

5. Ski Straight To The Party

Once you're ready to finish, you can simply ski in to the village and straight in to Niseko's famous nightlife. For Skye Niseko guests, it's even better. Skye Niseko is situated on the side of a floodlit ski run, allowing you to ski straight in to the hotel - straight to your room, straight to the onsen, or straight to Kumo Restaurant for dinner.

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