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Our New 3D NISEKO Sign

Another outstanding photo shooting spot now exists at Skye Niseko - our brand-new NISEKO sign. On a clear day, this is the perfect location to capture a memory of your Skye Niseko stay with an amazing shot of the Niseko sign and Mt Yotei in the background.

Niseko Sign Itself

We have planted beautiful sunflowers right behind the sign which are yet to bloom. If the weather permits and you get lucky, you will have the opportunity to shoot the perfect picture with shades of yellow, green and blue. The NISEKO sign is located on the Mt Yotei side of Kumo Restaurant. Come and enjoy some afternoon tea and snacks at Kumo Restaurant and take a snap while you are there. Don't forget to include Kumo Restaurant (#kumorestaurant) and Skye Niseko (#skyeniseko) when you are posting on your social media.

Niseko Sign Yuko And Sofie

Please note :

  • Guests are requested not to use Kumo Restaurant to get to the location. Please exit via the hotel lobby and walk around Kumo Restaurant to the Mt Yotei view.
  • Anyone is welcome to take a picture, however guests of Kumo Restaurant and Skye Niseko will have priority.
  • Guests are requested to not climb the 3D sign or move it while taking a picture.

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