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Current international entry requirements for Japan

Travelling to Japan soon? Some immigration rules have recently changed, making the process a bit easier for international tourists. We've compiled an overview of the latest procedures, to help you have a seamless and stress-free entry to Japan.

For those entering Japan from China starting December 30th, 2022, please check updated requirements here.

Overview of current border measures for Japan

To enter Japan, all international visitors must show one of the following:

  • If 2 doses or less or unvaccinated, A Negative PCR Test needs to be taken within 72 hours of departure to Japan
Valid Vaccination CertificatePre-departure PCR test"Visit Japan" Questionnaire QR CodesOn-arrival testIsolation
YesNot requiredRequired--

Are you travelling with children under 18?

When a parent/guardian has a valid vaccination certificate:

  • Children under 18 (not including 18) who are not vaccinated can enter Japan if their parent/guardian has valid proof of vaccination that meets the current requirements.

When a parent/guardian does NOT have a valid vaccination certificate:

  • Children under 6 (not including 6) who are not vaccinated do not require a negative test when their parent/guardian has a valid negative PCR test within a 72 hour period before entering Japan.
  • Children that are 6 and above will require a negative test.

Use 'Visit Japan Web' to fast track your arrival

The Japanese Government has set up Visit Japan Web, an online portal to easily upload your required COVID-19 documents and Immigration and Customs information in advance.

Once completed, this will allow you to use Fast Track (expedited travel lanes through Japanese airports).

We strongly recommend setting up a Visit Japan Web account and registering all of your information before you fly, as this will save you time when you arrive in Japan.

Kansai Airport

Before Departure:

Arrival in Japan:

  • Fly through immigration by showing your completed information within your Visit Japan Web account: Quarantine Fast Track QR Code, Immigration QR Code and Customs QR Code

Japan Web QR Code Requirements Image

You're almost ready to fly, any final questions?

Japan entry requirements are constantly changing, please check Visit Japan Web before your flight for the latest information. You can ask any other questions directly to Visit Japan Web using the chatbot on their website.

Contact Visit Japan Web

We wish you a pleasant journey to Japan.

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