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Skye Niseko Winter 2024/25: How to get the accommodation you want at the best price available

After a lot of planning - winter 2024/25 are now open. With such high demand, limited availability, and a plethora of discounts, things can sometimes seem a bit complicated. To help, we've made the below guide - no sales hyperbole, no unnecessary exclamation marks, and no emojis - just our honest take on how to get the most for your next winter holiday.

Room Availability

Our room availability is dynamic; what is available on our website can disappear quickly, and what is unavailable now may suddenly appear later when unconfirmed bookings are released back into availability. To be as fair as we can, availability is open to all Guests online; if you chose to email us rather than booking online, that availability may be gone before we can respond to your email.

Our busiest period is Christmas / New Year - we will reach full occupancy the quickest in this period. In 2024/25 we'll have discounts on this period for the first time ever, so if you are looking at a Christmas holiday with us - please act quickly. Chinese New Year (28 Jan - 4 Feb) is also a popular period expected to fill up quickly.

Telephone Calls & Emails

When we open up for winter bookings, we receive an influx of emails from Guests asking about rate quotes, hotel facilities, room amenities, and more. We will respond to each and every inquiry, but it does take time and available rooms may be taken by others Guests booking online. For Guests calling in, we take messages and add them to our response queue, ensuring fairness in addressing all inquiries. For general hotel questions. it's best to check out our Frequently Asked Questions page first.

Accommodation Searches & Filtering

Booking is quickest and easiest through our online booking system. Here are a few things to keep in mind when searching for available dates:

  • Try different dates - moving your booking just a day earlier or later can make a big difference to what accommodation is available.
  • Add the right amount of Guests including children - this will limit the results to just the accommodations that will fit all your Guests.
  • The discounts are dynamic - the discounts displayed on the search results will be correct for the dates you entered, so if you are making a booking that covers two different Early Bird discounts, you'll see the actual discount you are entitled to.
  • Use the enquire now button carefully - this will not book a room for you, just ask for a quote.

Mailing List

We regularly send out special deals and send reminders about Early Birds finishing through our email list. Click on the button below if you are not already subscribed to our mailing list as it will keep you updated on our latest offers, promotions and things happening at Skye Niseko.

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We have 3 types of special discounts this winter; Early Bird, Stay and Save and Repeater. Each can vary in the amount of discount provided based on the dates of your stay, the length of your stay and if you have stayed with us before. You can see more detail below.

You will see us refer to "Up to 50% off" (or similar), which is a combination of a different discount amounts. The 50% discount is based on a booking where 30% Early Bird applies, which is 14 nights (with 4 nights free, equivalent to a 29% discount) and includes a repeater discount of 5%, for a total stacked discount (i.e. discounts applying consecutively) of 53%. As Early Bird promotions end, the maximum available discounts will decrease.

Early Bird Discounts

To encourage Guests to book early (and get the availability they are looking for) we give discounts that end on certain dates. It's very unlikely (though possible) that we will have any discounts as high as the Early Bird discounts, so once the promotion finishes, they're gone.

Take a look at our Early Bird Page to learn more.

DiscountBook BeforeStay PeriodRoom Types Available
30%15 April 202429 Nov - 14 Dec 2024, 18 Jan - 6 Apr 2025All Rooms, excluding Penthouse
20%31 May 202429 Nov - 14 Dec 2024, 18 Jan - 6 Apr 2025All Rooms, excluding Penthouse
10%30 June 202429 Nov 2024 - 6 Apr 2025 No blackout datesAll Rooms, excluding Penthouse

Stay and Save

We encourage Guests to stay longer with us. To do that we provide discounts that increase the longer you stay. These discounts take the form of free nights. See the below table and our Stay and Save page for more details.

Number of Nights StayComplimentary Nights

Repeater Discount

We always delight in saying 'welcome back', so offer an additional 5% discount for Guests who have stayed with us before. See the Repeater Discount page for more details.

24/25 Season Bookings Open Now

Check Availability and Book Online Now

Payment Process

If you have read this far, you are clearly keen to book. Bookings for the 24/25 season are opening soon. To secure your dream winter holiday, please look out for the announcement through our mailing list or check the website.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Skye Niseko soon.

We aim to have as straightforward a payment process as we can. Our system will email you reminders when payments are due and guide you through the process of paying online.

Deposit and Balance Payment

Once you have made your booking a deposit payment will be due. This will be 20% of the non-discounted accommodation price. Once this payment is made, you will receive a confirmation document detailing the booking (please check that carefully) and your booking will be confirmed. If deposits are not paid, the room will be released and made available for other Guests to book.

60 days before your check-in date, the balance of your accommodation booking will be due. This amount will be the price you saw when making the booking, less the deposit you have already paid (it will also show on the confirmation document you received when you made the deposit payment). As with the deposit, if the balance payment is not received the accommodation will be released for another Guest to book.

Cancellation charges do apply to bookings you make and subsequently cancel. Please be sure to read our terms and conditions before making a booking.

You can take advantage of favorable exchange rates and make the full payment for the accommodation when the deposit is due to, or pay the balance anytime before the 60 day balance due date.

Methods of Payment

You can make payment for your booking through our payment portal. Our payment partners are Square and Flywire, and you can choose whichever option is right for you.

Disclaimer - the above blog is written as a guide only. Any booking made is subject to our standard terms and conditions, which can be read here.

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