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Weightlessness Therapy - Float Tank

Become weightless, dissolve tension, heal your body, mind and spirit in the Float Tank at Ryko Spa.

Ryko Spa at Skye Niseko is proud to offer Hokkaido's first and only Float Tank for weightlessness therapy.

Using local mountain spring water filled with mineral salts that make you float, this is a rare opportunity to let your body be totally free of gravity. This allows you to let go of the need for any muscular effort, so that you can relax completely and drift easily into a peaceful state of mind.

The float tank is a highly effective tool which assists the body in healing itself. The environment inside the tank allows the body to work unencumbered, bringing itself back to optimum health much more effectively and efficiently than any other form of rest.

The weightless environment allows your spine and muscles to stretch out and realign themselves. The epsom salts help calm the body and heal your muscles. The lack of sensation helps relax the mind so stress no longer inhibits the body from healing.

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