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Enjoy the Charm of Niseko in the Summer

Summer in Hokkaido has become a classic recommendation for a summer destination. The region's relatively low humidity and dry heat make it a comfortable place to visit. The abundance of outdoor activities attracts many tourists each year. Niseko, in particular, is known for its summer offerings, including seasonal local produce, fresh fruit, and various other attractions.

Cycle Around the Scenic Landscape

This summer, Skye Niseko offers electric bicycle rentals, with options ranging from short two-hour rentals to full-day adventures. These electric bikes make it easy to navigate the hilly terrain of the Niseko area, located at the foot of the mountains. One of the joys of cycling is the freedom to stop and enjoy a shop or a beautiful view whenever you please. Experience a carefree cycling trip and feel the refreshing breeze of Mother Nature on your skin.

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Trekking and Hiking

Yotei is surrounded by five towns and villages: Kutchan Town, Niseko Town, Kyogoku Town, Kimobetsu Town, and Makari Village. This area, rich in nature, is a treasure trove of trekking spots. Mt. Yotei, also known as ‘Ezo Fuji,’ boasts a beautiful conical silhouette resembling that of Mt. Fuji. The mountain offers different perspectives from each town and village, providing varied views and trekking experiences. Besides Mt. Yotei, there are other trails such as Iwaonupuri, Mt. Shirakaba, and Mt. Rhododendron, which are accessible and enjoyable for both parents and children. For those preferring a more leisurely stroll, Shinsen-numa features a series of boardwalks and easy walking trails, perfect for a casual outing.


The Niseko area boasts several well-maintained golf courses, each set in lush green surroundings, making them popular with experienced golfers. Niseko's cooler climate in the Summer compared to other regions in Japan makes it a golfer's paradise.


Niseko Village Golf Course (NVGC)

Niseko Golf Course (NGC)

For more information about golfing in the Niseko area, click here.

2 Niseko Golf Course

Outdoor Summer Activities

Rafting / SUP

Rafting is one of the premier summer activities in Niseko. The exhilarating courses down the Shiribetsu River, renowned for its cleanliness and voted the clearest river in Japan, are perfect for a summer adventure. Additionally, River SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboarding) has become increasingly popular in recent years. Paddling along the gentle Shiribetsu River on a large, buoyant board feels like walking on water, making it accessible and enjoyable even for first-timers.

For more information on water activities, click here.

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NAC Adventure Park

The NAC Adventure Park provides an exhilarating outdoor adventure with 130 different attractions, including climbing, swinging, and balancing from tree to tree. Covering 9,265 square meters, it is one of Japan's largest parks of its kind, offering excitement and fun for all ages.

For more information about NAC Adventure Park, click here.

NAC summer

Blessings of Hokkaido: Local Vegetables & Fruits

Niseko View Plaza: A Roadside Station

The Niseko area boasts numerous direct sales outlets for vegetables, offering fresh local produce at reasonable prices. The most popular of them is the Niseko View Plaza. Many people drive from Sapporo to shop here, making it a bustling spot on weekends. Buying and enjoying fresh, seasonal local vegetables is one of the highlights of a trip to Hokkaido. Be sure to visit during the summer season when the vegetables are at their tastiest.

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Fruit Picking

Just an hour's drive away, the Niki and Yoichi areas are renowned for their fruit production, offering a delightful variety throughout the year. Starting from late June with cherry season, followed by blueberries and plums, you can savor these fruits until around October. Whether you prefer picking your fresh fruit on the spot, purchasing it as a souvenir, or having it shipped locally, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Don't forget to check what fruits are currently in season when planning your summer activities. Click here for more information on fruit picking from the Niki Town Tourist Association.

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Spend your Summer at Skye

Experience an exquisite time amidst Hokkaido's proud culinary traditions and stunning natural landscapes, revealing the unique beauty of the Summer season.

Breakfast with a Skye High View

Begin your day with a delightful breakfast experience. Delight in our signature breakfast, crafted with a focus on locally sourced ingredients, showcasing the best of Hokkaido produce. Indulge in seasonal vegetables sourced from the Niseko area and its surroundings. Our wholesome and diverse Japanese and Western buffet breakfast ensures you feel rejuvenated and energized, offering a refreshing start to each day. Best of all, breakfast is included with your stay.


Relax in a Hot Spring at Skye

The Niseko area boasts numerous hot spring villages, each offering high-quality hot water sourced from the region's rich land. At Sky Niseko, immerse yourself in our natural hot springs, abundant with minerals that promote relaxation and rejuvenation. For guests seeking a more intimate experience, private hot spring baths are also available, perfect for families or those desiring a secluded bathing experience together.

Please note that the onsen facilities are exclusively reserved for Sky Niseko guests.

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