Ezo Seafoods

Ezo Seafoods is an intimate 'Owner Chef' oyster bar and seafood supply shop. Serves fresh and fine catch of seafoods such as oysters, crabs, scallops and prawns.

Website: http://www.ezoseafoods.com
Address: 170-165 Aza Yamada, Kutchan
Style: Seafood
Location: Hirafu-Central
English Speaking: No
English Menu: Yes
Credit Card Accepted: Yes
Vegetarian Options: Yes

Open: Winter (December - March) 5pm-10pm

Closing Date for Winter 2018/19: 29 March 2019

Booking Terms

There is extremely limited availability throughout the winter season.

Several tables are reserved for walk-ins each day. If you have missed out on an advance reservation, you may still be able to get a table by showing up on the day. Arriving for the 5 pm opening, or arriving around 9 pm, gives you the best chance of securing a table. Take-away platters are also available.